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  26th  Annual  
"Wing & Water  Weekend"  
    October 9-12, 2023     

1995 - 2022 PHOTOS

Todd on the boat. We'll miss him.
Alex, Bill., Lillian & David
TSTC Volunteers
The Fishermen
Stephanie, Kirk and families
Sam's table
Sam's Catch
Randy & Noell
Pablo & Rick ham it up!
Tina, Stephanie & Eileen
Roger, Kirk, Elaine and TSTC helpers
Shells and water anyone?
David & Steve
Sam gets Ray, Raul & bird dogs
STC Physical Therapy men
John & his TSTC birdboy
Happy volunteers
Randy & his TSTC birdboy
Thomas & Alex are all set
Mitch is knockin 'em down!
Mike, Liz & their birdgirl
Brent is always happy
Jason and his birdboy
Guerro will show Raul how to fetch
George & Bobbie at Mission Skeet
Chad & Cody
Hanging at the Mission Skeet Club
Lillian & Francis enjoy a shady spot
Jason, Thomas & Chad
Jonathan tries out some new wheels
Kirk's having fun
Alex Caught One
Kirk shows off the fish
Brent Clowns Around
Dinner Time
Dinner Time 2
David, Willie, Pete & Cody
Cleaning Time
Bubba & Carl's table
Brian & Jodie
Cowboy Church
Mitch, Brent, Tom & Kendall
Fishing time
All aboard!
Boat Time
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