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  22nd  Annual  

"Wing & Water  Weekend"  

    October 6-8, 2017       

Todd on the boat. We'll miss him.
Alex, Bill., Lillian & David
TSTC Volunteers
The Fishermen
Stephanie, Kirk and families
Sam's table
Sam's Catch
Randy & Noell
Pablo & Rick ham it up!
Tina, Stephanie & Eileen
Roger, Kirk, Elaine and TSTC helpers
Shells and water anyone?
David & Steve
Sam gets Ray, Raul & bird dogs
STC Physical Therapy men
John & his TSTC birdboy
Happy volunteers
Randy & his TSTC birdboy
Thomas & Alex are all set
Mitch is knockin 'em down!
Mike, Liz & their birdgirl
Brent is always happy
Jason and his birdboy
Guerro will show Raul how to fetch
George & Bobbie at Mission Skeet
Chad & Cody
Hanging at the Mission Skeet Club
Lillian & Francis enjoy a shady spot
Jason, Thomas & Chad
Jonathan tries out some new wheels
Kirk's having fun
Alex Caught One
Kirk shows off the fish
Brent Clowns Around
Dinner Time
Dinner Time 2
David, Willie, Pete & Cody
Cleaning Time
Bubba & Carl's table
Brian & Jodie
Cowboy Church
Mitch, Brent, Tom & Kendall
Fishing time
All aboard!
Boat Time


The Bitner kids spend time with Brent
Thomas & Tom (dad)
Randy talks to the kids
Sandra hands out supplies
Mike G., Big Dad and the prettiest helper
Chad & Randy (dad)
Carl the happy hunter
Chad W.
Daddy & daughter
End of another CSA weekend
George takes a shot
Matthew waits...
Bobbie, Brett, Pablo & Kathy
21st Annual CSA hunters and volunteers
Big John found it
Bryan's possee


Winners of the 20th Anniversary Shotguns
Tom Is Happy
Thomas & Alex
Terry, DeAnn & Charlie
Randy & Dakota
Noell Tries Out His New Shotgun
Mitch's First Doves With His Commemorative Shotgun
Micah & Mitch
Bryan, Bray, Ray, Sadie & Guerro
Challenged Hunters and ABs
CSA 20th Anniversary Patches
DeAnn & Jeff Win The Biggest Bruise Contest
In Memory of Chad Smith
Jason With Ryan & Braydon
Jay Is Ready
Jay's First Dove
Brent & Travis (Sunday)
Alan & James


Monday Morning Breakfast
Mike, Liz & Kody
Rick Helps Alex Off The Boat
Chad, Noell, Bill, Scott & George
Bryan and Oneal Have Some Time
Sunday Morning Cowboy Church
Cody & Bobbie
Bubba Won The Yeti Raffle
Strong Man Picks Stephanie Up
Fishing Time!
Stephanie Shows Off Her Catch
Chad M.
Sunday Night


Randy, Kendall & Christa
Mark "The Man"
Chad & Billy
Kendall, "Why Is It So Hot?
Brent & Randy
Billy & Cody
Archie Is Ready!
Go Get 'em Heinz!
Alex and Guerro Wait Patiently
George Loves Chick-fil-A!
Carl Won The K2 Raffle
Eileen & Jodie
Bryan & Mitch Share Some Stories
Mitch Drops Them For Guerro to Fetch
Cody Feeling His First Clay
David Tries Some Skeet Shooting
George & Jay Share Some Skeet Tips
Summer & Brooke Interview George
Kim Is Ready For Skeet
Drew, Kim & Jay
Terry & Charlie
Chad M.

Older  Photos

Time with Friends
The Monitor Article From 1996
The Daughrity Men
The Cooking Crew
The Black Family
Ted, Brandon & Big Dad
Roosevelt & Rodney
Scout Helpers (2005)
Rick & Tina With James
Shawn, Alex & Al
Skeet Shoot Winners (2005)
Summer, David, & Brooke
Ronnie, John & Sandra
Jeff, Big Dad, Jonathan & Robbie
The Guys 1998
Chad Got One
Bluett and His Helpers
Dorothy, Claude & Crawdad (Drew)
Crawdad's Crew
Nicolo gets ready
Nicolo & Angela
Mitch & Sons
Mark, Donnie & Ronnie
Mark "The Man"
Kim Got One!
David & The Gault Family
Jeff shows off
Jody & Hawk
Jonathan gets one!
Jonathan with Ed, Art & Greg
Chad Gives Kim A Seat
Jeff Shows Off (2011)
Dannell & her Bird Girl
Dave & Wanda
David & Mark
Donald at the Skeet Range
Carl & His Daughter (2011)
Rick Spots One For Jonathan
Jesse Has Carl All Set Up
Mike & Tom
John & Andy
Jay & Tom Share a Few Minutes
CSA 2004
Crawdad & Claude
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